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«Spheros-Electron» JV is the only in Ukraine manufacturer of climatic systems for vehicles:  heaters of different types for buses, commercial vehicles and trucks, constructional and special engineering vehicles. Also the company offers to the vehicles manufacturers  air-conditioners, electromechanical and mechanical hatches for all types of city and tourist buses, receivers for transport vehicles pneumatic and brake systems, fuel tanks of different dimension types and capacity, steering columns.


«Spheros-Electron» Joint Ukrainian-German venture was founded in 1996. The enterprise founders are PJSC«Concern-Electron» (Ukraine) and «Spheros GmbH»(Germany).


Before 2006 «Spheros-Electron» JV (formerly «Webasto-Electron» JV) was a part of «Webasto» concern – transnational company, which branches and representative offices are located in more than 50 countries of the world. In the issue of reorganization of «Webasto» concern administration structure and for the purpose to concentrate efforts for the development and maximal satisfaction of bus market needs, a number of the main plants, located in Germany, Turkey, France, Finland and Ukraine, were united in a separate group under the name of «Spheros».


The company’s own production program includes independent diesel heaters DBW and Thermo E, which are very popular among leading vehicle producers due to a high reliability and quality. Also the company offers independent gas GBW and electric Thermo AC/DC heaters.


The firm customers in Ukraine are bus plants in Cherkasy, Boryspil`, Chernigiv, Kremenchuk, Luts'k, Zaporizhzhya and also automobile plant in Minsk (Byelorussia).


The certified quality system of «Spheros-Electron» according to ISO 9001:2015 is a guarantee of high-quality, reliable and safety production. It is confirmed by numerous awards and decoration.


Highly educated professionals with obligatory knowledge of a foreign language work at the company. The most of employees undergoes training; improve professional skills and studies abroad. In order to raise the level of company dealers’ professional skills, annually special training in mounting, diagnosing, maintenance, service is conducted.



«Spheros-Electron» JV is a permanent participant of the largest industrial exhibitions and specialized motor shows in Ukraine and abroad. The high appreciation of company’s activity are awards of national competitions – «The best 100 enterprises of Ukraine»,«Investor of the year», «The leader of the industry and entrepreneurship of Ukraine» etc.


«Spheros-Electron» JV guarantees a comfort and a high reliability in a trip!



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