Fluid heaters

«Spheros» fluid heaters – it is a combination of the newest and verified during a lot of time technologies, providing comfort for drivers and passengers, maximum reliability and efficiency. Considerable proof is the fact that «Spheros» heaters are installed in more than 150000 buses through the whole world.


In buses, trucks and commercial cars, construction engineering and engineering of a special purpose «Spheros» heaters are used for prestarting warming up of an engine to the operational temperature, for heating of driver`s cab and passenger compartment of means of transport.


«Spheros» heaters – it is a trouble-free starting of a motor even under the conditions of the bitterst frost, what considerably reduces wear of connecting rod-piston group, fuel consumption and consumable materials, decreases a total load to the accumulator and loss of time not only for warming up , but also for motor repair, what is inevitably at its constant cold starting.

«Spheros» heaters operate independently of a vehicle motor – both before its starting (e.g., at a stop) and during its work. They have its own system of fuel supply – from standard or additional fuel tank.


«Spheros» heaters are compact, that is why they can be built in even in low floor buses.


Operating control of a heater is carried out automatically with a control unit, which depending on the temperature switches to the modes of a whole or partial load or pause.

Using of the most up-to-date technology, a high quality of production and presence of some control systems secure maximum reliability and a whole safety of «Spheros» heaters operation.


Due to exceptionally low fuel consumption, insignificant emission of noxious substances and practically noiseless operation «Spheros» heaters rate to the environmentally safe category.


DBW series

DBW series fluid heaters – it is deservedly popular type of heaters, used in vehicles equipped with diesel motors.


In DBW series fluid heaters coolant is used as a heat carrier– fluid circuit of the heater is connected to the vehicles systems of cooling and heating. The heater is also connected to the systems of electrical equipment and fuel feeding and is able to work when fuel feeding from a separate tank.


THERMO E series

THERMO E series fluid heaters– they are the newest diesel heaters, possessing the possibility to work on alternative types of fuels. THERMO E, with considerable reserves, meets the requirements to the level of noxious substances emission when exhausting.


Сonstructional features of THERMO E series heaters are:

- intergrated control unit with moisture protected joints, ensuring more high level of reliability;

- improved heat exchanger, ensuring a high calorific power at a small fuel consumption;

- a low level of exhaust gases emission.


GBW series

Spheros is the only producer of the heaters, developed specially for vehicles, operating on gas, particularly for buses, in the world .In GBW series heaters both compressed natural gas (CNG) and condensed gas (LPG) are used as a fuel.


In GBW gas heaters the advantages of gas as a fuel are used: a low level of exhaust gases emission, noiselessness of operation is higher than of diesel heaters.


As diesel units, GBW heaters operate in accordance with the principle of heat exchange and is controlled with thermostat. Heat, generated as a result of gas mixture combustion, warms liquid in heat exchanger, circulating pump runs warmed liquid through heating system of a bus, providing warmth and comfort in a compartment and preheating of a motor.



THERMO AC/DC electric heaters are mainly intended for up-to-date ecological transport – buses with hybrid, electric and hydrogen motors.


On the board of a vehicle the heaters are battery supplied and operate both from alternative current (AC) of 400 V voltage and direct current (DC) – 600 V.


THERMO AC/DC heaters are also able to be used for electric heating of hydro- and cooling systems of buses and means of transport indoors or for electric heating of trolleybuses. In such cases power supply of the heaters is carried out from external source of electric power.


Considerable advantages of THERMO AC/DC heaters are: a complete absence of noxious substances emission, a high energy efficiency (98%), ability to work at low temperatures of environment, a high level of reliability and minimal cost for maintenance during the whole service life.

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