The workers of «Electron» Corporation decided to take volunteer battalion «Lviv» under their permanent patronage


From the first days of military confrontation in the East of the country work collectives of «Electron» Corporation organized collection of means for defenders of Fatherland.

Sub-units of the West regional administration of border guard and special sub-units of law enforcement agencies, sent to ATO zone, have already received assistance with material resources and means from the workers of «Electron» Corporation.

In addition the workers of «Electron» Corporation decided to take volunteer battalion «Lviv» under their permanent patronage.

On the 29-th of August 2014 the 3-d company of battalion «Lviv» left to ATO zone. For the company activists of «Electron», by agreement with the sub-unit commander, gave volunteers notebook, laser printer, USW portable radio sets – 15 pcs; tactical gloves and footwear for all men of the company, cigarettes and means for transport expenses.

Being constantly connected with company command the workers of «Electron» Corporation hereinafter will support privates with all necessary things.


We never leave our own forces!

Glory to the heroes!


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