"Spheros-Electron" JV and "Electrontrans” JV are partners of interstate project in vocational education sphere


On the 19-th of October and 20-th of November in Lutsk association agreements between Educational Bavarian economics centre (BBW) and vocational technical schools of Lviv and Volhynia regions were signed.

Within the frameworks of the agreements in Volhynia and Lviv regions German-Ukrainian project: "Partnership in vocational education sphere in Ukraine” started its work.


The purpose of the project is to establish contacts between vocational technical schools and enterprises. Masters of industrial training will get intensive grounding course, raise their professional level, and learners of vocational technical schools will have a chance to undergo practical training at the enterprises with prospective job placement in future.


Among the enterprises of Lviv region "Electrontrans” JV, "Spheros-Electron" JV, Lviv interregional higher vocational technical school of motor transport and Higher vocational technical school №20 in Lviv became the partners of the project. This enterprises were chosen as participants of the project because they are up-to-date high-technology plants  with newest equipment and industrial technologies, and vocational schools on their part prepare workers of necessary professions.


Due to the project intended for the period till 2019 graduating students of vocational education will get high professional qualification, and local enterprises – professional workers  even while students practical training.

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